If you’re a gardener searching for sod and turf in Hot Springs, then you’ve come to the right place. Our garden supply in Hot Springs is your one-stop-shop for garden supplies, landscaping sod, and everything that grows. Our garden center has been supplying the community in and around Hot Springs with sod for years, and we pride ourselves on the reputation we’ve built as being one of the best garden centers in the area.

Whether you’re a novice gardener or an expert at making plants thrive and grow, we’ve got the best landscaping sod in Hot Springs to give you the best chance of success.

Trusted by so many gardening enthusiasts, ours is the best quality sod in Hot Springs.

We Sell Sod and Install it Too!

Hot Springs Sod in Hot Springs, Arkansas, offers comprehensive sod sales and installation services to transform lawns with lush, green grass. Our high-quality sod varieties are suitable for the local climate, ensuring a beautiful and durable lawn. The experienced team at Hot Springs Sod handles the entire process from delivery to precise installation, ensuring optimal growth and immediate curb appeal. Dedicated to customer satisfaction, we provide expert advice on lawn maintenance to keep your new sod thriving.

Whether for residential or commercial properties, Hot Springs Sod delivers exceptional results!

What Type of Sod is Best for My Lawn?

For anyone who’s considering landscaping options, sod is the best and easiest way you can achieve a gorgeous green lawn. We supply landscaping sod that will allow you to carpet any area in your residence or business with lush green turf grass.

Sod is extremely versatile, which means you can use it anywhere from lawns to golf courses.

Hot Springs Sod & Landscape Supply during a sod Installation
Hot Springs Sod & Landscape Supply

Sod Lawns

From beginner gardeners to experienced enthusiasts, we have everything you need right here under one roof. With us, you’ll be able to bring your vision of the perfect outdoor living space to life. Landscaping helps to extend your home, and our garden center will help you do it in a unique, attractive, and natural way.

When choosing a type of sod in Hot Springs, or surrounding areas, for your lawn, it is important to consider the amount of sunlight that will be exposed to the grass. The important hours to consider for the most direct sun exposure are from 10am - 4pm. Our grasses can all grow in full sun but some will not reach their full potential with a lack of quality sun exposure. We encourage you to come by and talk to us about this so we can ensure the best type of sod fit for your area.

  • Sod traps dust, dirt, and other pollutants in the air we breathe
  • It has a lower water-use-rate than that of trees and most other plants
  • Sod lawns are 14 degrees cooler than soil, and 30 degrees cooler than asphalt in summer
  • As soon as it’s installed, sod is fully-matured and it immediately begins to control erosion
  • You can cut sod to match a lawn of any size, as well as shape it around landscaping features

Landscape Sod

At our garden center, you’ll get healthy, beautiful sod and turf. But we’re more than just a sod and turf store. We also offer seasonal flowers, seeds, and trees, as well as other types of products that you require for landscaping and growing your plants. Our inventory of gardening products is large and constantly expanding.

Types Of Sod (Available In Pads, Rolls, Or Large Rolls)

Meyers Z-52 Zoysia

Requires 4 hours direct sunlight

Zorro Zoysia

Requires 2-3 hours sunlight, can be filtered sun

Tiff 419 Bermuda

Requires Full sunlight, 6 hours direct sunlight

Centipede Grass

Requires 4 hours direct sunlight. (Seasonal)

Raleigh St. Augustine Grass

Requires 2-3 hours sunlight, can be filtered sun. (Seasonal)

If you are looking for beautiful, high-quality grass to add to your yard, we have everything you need to create a picturesque landscape. Hot Springs Sod and Landscape Supply is a family-owned business that has been proudly serving Hot Springs and surrounding areas since 1989.

We offer various types of the best quality sod on the market. The sod is harvested in pad form, mini rolls, and large rolls. Our experienced team is extremely skilled and knowledgeable about every aspect of landscaping and we are committed to giving you the garden, yard, or lawn of your dreams.

Hot Springs Sod Delivery & Installation

Our company has consistently grown thanks to the trust that our faithful customers put in us. In addition to sod sales, we now offer so much more, including chemicals and soil for your lawn and garden, gravel, stone, pottery, hydroponics, landscape edging, mulch, plants, bushes, and trees. We even carry fountains, lawn furniture, and lawn art.

If you are looking for a sod supplier in Hot Springs, whatever vision you have for your dream outdoor space, we can help you. We do everything from the landscaping to the design and installation. Our family owned businesses is full of friendly customer service and helping you get the sod and turf you need. If there is a service you are searching for that isn't listed here, just let us know. We're only a phone call away!

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